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Houston Texans should not reach for a QB in 2016 NFL Draft It can take years for a franchise to get to a point where it is capable to compete for a playoff spot and a division title year in and year out.Pierre Garcon Jersey It can take even longer to do without a franchise quarterback in today's NFL. The Houston Texans have managed to be that competitive in recent years behind a strong running game and an even stronger defense.Calvin Johnson Jersey In 2015, the Texans managed to get into the playoffs mostly through the strength of their strong defense.Andrew Luck Jersey Future years may not see the AFC South division be as easy to beat, limiting a team like the Texans from getting into the playoffs.Tom Brady Jersey A 9-7 record, with a significant number of those wins against division competition,Colin Kaepernick Jersey isn't going to inspire people in the long run. It's even less inspiring when you look at the horrific performance by quarterback Brian Hoyer in the playoffs (15 of 34 for 136 yards and four interceptions).Kelvin Benjamin Jersey There is a lot of pressure to turn things around with a quarterback this offseason, but it would be unwise to rush into the decision and reach for a QB in the coming 2016 NFL Draft.Dick Butkus Jersey Quarterback and running back are the top needs for the Texans this offseason and while some, like ESPN's Tania Ganguli,Matthew Stafford Jersey would argue that it's time they settled on a quarterback, I think it's time the Texans realized the unique and difficult position they are in and tried to capitalize on it.Peyton Manning Jersey The Texans are a playoff team without a quarterback and their playoff window has been open for some time. Over the last five seasons,Marcus Mariota Jersey the window has been open. They had two double digit winning seasons under former head coach Gary Kubiak (now coach of the Super Bowl bound Denver Broncos), one terrible season at 2-14, and two 9-7 seasons in 2014 and 2015, the latter earning a playoff berth. How much longer will this playoff window remain open? The playoff window, more than anything else, will likely dictate what the Houston Texans choose to do at the quarterback position